Hire A Writer

Have you ever picked up a flyer or pamphlet or clicked on a webpage and noticed errors in grammar or punctuation, or tried to wade through unclear writing that confuses you? I have, and it always makes me feel at least a little skeptical about the services offered. A clean, well-written, error-free page gets my attention and makes me feel confident in the product or service offered. That’s why I’m offering a writing/editing service. I am available to write articles or copy for flyers, pamphlets, business letters, or webpages, and I can edit any kind of copy you may have already produced.

My particular areas of expertise (for original articles or blog copy) are as follows:




Healthy Living

Herbal Medicine



However, I can research, write, or edit a piece about virtually any topic.

My qualifications:

B.A. and M.A. in English from University of Nevada, Reno

Over 20 years of experience teaching writing (retired from College of Southern Nevada as tenured professor of English)

Over 20 years of experience writing for various publications, including literary magazines, regional journals, and online news pages

For samples of my writing, please click on the following links:





To hire me to write or edit for you or your business, please make first contact via email at french.jeanie@yahoo.com.


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