A Writer’s Showcase

I hope you enjoy the following glimpses into my work.  You can link to each of the pages from here in the text or on the sidebar. This site is a place to show the writing I’ve done and am doing.  It’s a place to post tidbits which I hope will stimulate an appetite for whole manuscripts.

I’ve posted a chapter from my novel, The Peaceweavers.  This is a look at the Beowulf story from the point of view of three female characters who appear in the original Beowulf poem.  Another chapter of this novel will be published later this year in the Fall 2013 edition of Red Rock Review. The full manuscript is as yet unpublished.

I’m also working on a collection of short stories, tentatively titled A Certain AgeThere are ten stories in all, and I’ve posted four excerpts from stories in the collection.  This manuscript will be submitted to publishers later this year.  Also, I’ve included one complete short story which was published some years ago in The Dead Mule.  The story is called “Mama’s Day,” and it’s at the end of the short story page.

There’s some poetry here as well.  I’ve posted poems from a published collection, Paean, (2005) which can be purchased at FinishingLinePress.com.  I’ve also included some poems from an upcoming collection, Green Philosophy, to be published late this year or early next by Folded Word.  And I’ve posted some poems from an unpublished collection, Rough Art, which is a memoir in poems of growing up in redwood country in a family of loggers.  I’ll be doing some readings in the coming months, so those will be listed on Upcoming Events.

On the Other Projects page, I’ve posted some notes about a project in process.  That’s a page which will continue to grow as projects come to mind or fruition.

Finally, I’ve posted a link to my weekly blog, Garden, Forest, Field.  I’m a lifelong gardener, and this year, I began to write about gardening (with a disability), canning, and cooking wild game.

If you want to know a little bit more about me, there’s a bio and publications list on the About Me page.

Please let me know if you see something you like.  There are comment boxes on the bottom of each page.

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2 Responses to A Writer’s Showcase

  1. AnneB says:

    Jeanie, tonight I suddenly had to think of you and see if I could find you on the internet, which I promptly did. 😀 I wonder if you remember your Canadian German pen pal from Cologne?!

    • Anne, yes, I do! I am so glad you found me! I have been through some computer crashes and loss of info, switched email addresses, etc. It’s made me start keeping a paper address book again. I could not remember your last name after all these years (I am getting older!) or I would have searched for you on Facebook. Are you there? We could get caught up via Messenger or email. I have a personal page, Jeanie French, and I have a page where my blogs post, Jean L French. I would love to hear what you’ve been up to in all these years. Delighted to hear from you!

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