Round London

2014-07-01 11.24.49

Notice my Britishism?  Amy and I have been collecting them.  We had a big day today, a long day,  with a city bus tour, a visit to the Tower of London (where we did not see the crown jewels because of the long lines), a flight on the London Eye, a look at Buckingham Palace, and many other sights.  I have a blister on both heels from walking round London.  We won’t mention the rest of me!  I’ll post a few pics, and I must mention Tony and the Ristorante Italiano at 75 Southampton Row where we ate dinner, the best meal we’ve had here.

2014-07-01 11.52.50   2014-07-01 12.31.19   2014-07-01 15.07.55   2014-07-01 16.05.11

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  1. DeAnna Beachley says:

    Love the new cover photo!

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