Surviving London


We survived a three – hour drive through Greater London by the grace of God, the skin of our teeth, and Amy’s sheer guts.  We both say never again.  But we made it to Salisbury and were welcomed by the staff here with such generosity, it was a comfort to our traumatized souls.  It turns out, they all pretty much think Amy deserves a medal!  Our grateful thanks to Tony, owner/manager, I believe, to Louie, the evening supervisor who took care of us as if we were his mother and sister, our waitress whose name I didn’t catch, for medicinal alcohol, and finally, to Jamie, the chef, who cooked us a comforting and well seasoned dinner and who stayed late to prepare his Oreo cookie cheesecake for us.  The plate was beautiful, and yes, Jamie, it surely was the best cheesecake I have ever had.  Our heartfelt thanks to the staff of the Cathedral Hotel, and our hearty recommendations.  A weary traveler could ask for no better.





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3 Responses to Surviving London

  1. DeAnna Beachley says:

    Shiny gold star for Amy doing the driving!! Glad that you made it to Salisbury!

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