In Wales

securedownload-8It’s time to catch up a bit, but unfortunately, I can’t post any pictures because we haven’t had enough Wi Fi juice to do a massive down/upload. So, at some point, I hope some pictures will accompany this post. For now, a list: Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and the Magna Carta, Maiden Castle (IRON AGE hill fort), Bodmin Moor and the Hurlers at Minions, Tintagel and Camelford in Cornwall, Glastonbury and the Tor, and Bath. Tonight we crossed into Wales.

Below: Salisbury Cathedral

securedownload-10   securedownload-14


Below:  Maiden Castle




Below: The Hurlers on Bodmin Moor and a ruin nearby

securedownload-18   securedownload-12

Below:  The Haven below Tintagel Castle and a shot of the side that was closed when we got there.  I couldn’t have climbed the steps anyway.   I barely was able to literally drag myself up the steps on the side which was the main entrance/gatehouse.

securedownload-23   securedownload-25   securedownload-29

Below: the waterfall onto the beach at the Haven and a shot of a sea stack.  Tintagel Head is crumbling into the sea.

securedownload-37   securedownload-27

Below:  first pic, the view of the Glastonbury Tor I got to see from the path before the steps.   The rest are what Amy saw when she climbed up to the Tor


securedownload-44   securedownload-35   securedownload-47

Below: in Bath at the Roman baths, the Great Bath, Amy and me in front of the great bath, and the place where the overflow from the spring and the bath run out, eventually to the river.  Those Romans were amazing engineers.

securedownload-54   securedownload-48   securedownload-40

Our thanks again to Tony and crew at the Cathedral Hotel in Salisbury for much needed nurturing, to Sarah and Graham at the Old Vicarage in Wellington for a lovely room and a tour of their garden (it’s killing me that I can’t post pictures of it, but I will do it when we get home), and to new friends we met there at breakfast, Michael and Dave, two lovely gentlemen who told us about a place we plan to stop tomorrow, St. Fagan’s. I must say, we have met the nicest people in our travels thus far. When asked a question, invariably, the answer is prefaced with “yes, my love,” and oddly, it does make one feel loved, even coming from a stranger.

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5 Responses to In Wales

  1. ahandful4u says:

    Oh, Jeanie!!!! Amazing sights. Being from the States I just cannot begin to imagine buildings so ancient. Maybe some day….

    In the meantime keep taking photos and we want to see more of you and Amy.

    • I avoid the camera, but we do take the occasional selfie. We did something fun today–we had a street artist do a caricature of us. We laughed and laughed about it. We will take a pic of it and post it. Glad you are enjoying the sights along with us, Kelly.

  2. Michael Mills says:

    Dave and i met Jean and her beautiful daughter Amy at breakfast at the Old Vicarage in Wellington,we were there(in Wellington) for a reunion with two other ex Army friends whom we had not met since our time in Malaya nearly fifty years ago,and i have to say,i was very impressed with Jean,who ordered a “Full English”and ate it all,well done Jean.
    I hope you both enjoy the rest of your tour of this fair isle of ours,and ladies,do not forget to avoid the vegetables,and also Jean,make sure you join those “Queue’s.

    Best and kindest regards,Michael and Dave.

    • Michael, meeting you and Dave was such fun, and I’m so glad you got in touch. Amy says our breakfast together will be one of the fondest memories of our trip. And tell Dave, we went to St. Fagan’s and loved it! Thank you both again for the tip.

      • Michael Mills says:

        Jean,thank you for your reply,i have told Dave that i am following your travel blog with interest,and this evening i shall phone and tell him that you took his advice and visited St Fagan’s,that will please him,he is very proud of his Welsh heritage.When you left Caernarfon heading North,you passed by my place of birth,Bangor,my family were Welsh speaking,so i hope the rest of your tour brings you plenty more Mwynhad,(Enjoyment),and please thank Amy for her kind words,and believe me,i also enjoyed our breakfast together.Fondest regards,Michael.

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